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Principles and Practices

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Strategic alliances can take many forms and can serve multiple purposes, such as partnership, sharing of resources, and improved operational efficiency. Strategic alliances help to strengthen individual nonprofit capacity and the capacity of the sector as a whole. Nonprofit organizations should be open to strategic alliances and, when appropriate, should partner with other organizations to enhance their capability to achieve desired results. Nonprofits should work to promote cooperation and coordination among a variety of entities to avoid unproductive duplication of services and to maximize the resources available to the communities they serve.

Four Stages of Building a Working Relationship

Organizational psychologists know that groups go through four phases of development in building a relationship. Every team effort or group must pass through these phases before it begins truly to function efficiently and successfully on its own. View this article directly from the Michigan Nonprofit Management Manual, a comprehensive hands-on guide for nonprofit organizations.  MNA-Building-a-Working-Relationship-from-management-manual.pdf

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