Even with all the articles that define whose job is whose, it is difficult to sucinctly say if a Board Member is micromanaging or if the Executive Director is exepecting too much from volunteers.  The complete answer lies in what kind of board the organization has or needs (governing, working, fundraising) and if everyone has a consensus around the direction of the organization, if every member of the team has been recruited well with a clear job description.  But even when this is all in place - questions still arise.  Especially when someone questions integrity, ethics or due diligence.  This link guides you to a document that may help you decide how much oversight you do - or don't need - and how to tell what is appropriate.  Pay close attention to the "tools of trust" - these tools allow a board to sit back just a bit and rely on their Executive Director to do their job, but sometimes this list gives the board permission to look a little closer.