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Principles and Practices

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Great Lakes Center for Youth Development (GLCYD) is a nonprofit management support organization that believes all youth in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan deserve to thrive. Through collaborations, training, consulting and other forms of assistance, GLCYD empowers the social sector to create communities that support U.P. youth.

Developing a Brand Guide

A brand guide is your rulebook, the essential go to reference when trying to figure out how to use a logo, what colors you need to use in the top corner of your conference handouts, or brochure. It will help you communicate your message and your brand effectively, and professionally.

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Social Media Post Generation and Scheduling Worksheet

Having a social media presence is critical for nonprofit organizations, but what do you do when you can't think of something to post? This worksheet will help you think outside the box to generate engaging social media posts. Use page one to jot down ideas in each of the categories. Assign your favorite ideas to a day on page two. Scheduling-Document.pdf

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Management Support Organizations (MSO)

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Nonprofit Good Practice Guide