A brand guide is your rulebook, the essential go to reference when trying to figure out how to use a logo, what colors you need to use in the top corner of your conference handouts, or brochure. It will help you communicate your message and your brand effectively, and professionally.

Here are some things that your brand guide should cover:

  1. Your organizations name (spelling, and abbreviations)
  2. Names of programs and services
  3. Company’s address, phone number, emails of employees and contacts, your website link or URL, and any social media platform URLS, or names.
  4. Your tagline
  5. Positioning statement – What is your company’s vision, mission or goal? Explain it in 2-3 sentences.
  6. Talking points for staff/board members – elevator statement
  7. Title of published grammar style guide that the group uses – All staff writing should have a copy of the chosen style guide
  8. Design Elements including:

Colors should always be preprinted and tested before putting them to use on something official. Check with your printer to see if they use CKMY, Pantone, RGB or another color system.

Remember, your brand guide is there to help your organization stay consistent in branding efforts. Make sure all employees comprehend the content and understand how to implement the requirements.