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Principles and Practices

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Basic infrastructure is critical to a nonprofit's success and yet is sometimes overlooked in the excitement of beginning great work.

Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice

Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice is a strong guide for private foundations and public charities that aspire to high standards of governance and ethical practice. Board and staff leaders of every charitable organization are encouraged to examine these principles carefully and determine how best they should be applied to their own operations.  MNA has partnered with Indepent Sector in the dissemination of this important document.  View the summary of these 33 Principles and Practices by clicking the link.  33-Principles-for-Good-Governance-and-Ethical-Practice.pdf  To download the full supporting document, visit

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Checklist for Creating or Amending your Bylaws

Your bylaws are the most important and critical document you will create.  Bylaws create the structure by which your organization is to be goverened.  Amending bylaws is a normal business practice.  You should review your bylaws every few years.  This is a useful checklist to help ensure you have included all the components necessary.  Bylaw-Checklist.pdf

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Roberts Rules of Order for Beginners

Running a meeting effectively can mean the difference between getting things done or spinning your wheels with no plan of action.  This document will help you use basic Roberts Rules of Order to help you follow a process for efficient dicussions and decision making.  Roberts-Rules-for-Beginners.pdf

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Management Support Organizations (MSO)

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