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Patrick serves as Executive Director of the Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance where he oversees the day-to-day management of the organization as well as member services. His background is in special project consulting, working primarily with local nonprofit and economic development organizations. In addition to his role at LNA, Patrick also serves as Executive Director of the Ottawa County Human Services Coordinating Council, Co-Organizer of TEDx Macatawa, and as Co-Founder of a community-based program called Healthier Holland. Patrick earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics/Spanish from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana and an Innovation Methods Certification from the NewNorth Center for Design in Business.

Listening is Key to Big Donor Fundraising

Major gifts are essential to long-term sustainability of most nonprofits. Yet, it can be easy to spend all our time focused on the "pitch" to major donors while neglecting a primary way to solicit and keep those donors; by listening to what they have to say. Read the following article by Gail Perry on how to improve your listening skills when it comes to major donors: Listen-your-way-to-a-Big-Major-Gift

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12 Tips for Protecting your Nonprofit Online

Nonprofits are increasingly becoming targets of online hackers. Make sure that you are taking the proper precautions to ensure that your organization isn't next. Read the following document from TechSoup to gain a better understanding of what precautions you should consider: 12-Tips-to-Being-Safer-Online-for-Nonprofits.pdf

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How to Keep Strategic Plans Alive

Strategic Plans are essential for setting the right course of action for a nonprofit's future. However, many of us have seen the creation of a a good plan only to see it ollect dust on the shelf. How do we keep our strategic plans alive? Melanie Lockwood Herman from the Nonprofit Risk Management Center provides some thoughful advice on how we must not be afraid to change and revise our plan after we get started: How-to-Bring-Your-Strategic-Plan-back-to-Life

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How to Run a Board (According to a Board Member)

Boards are the key governing body of any nonprofit and if worked with correctly, they can be a major asset in helping achieve success. However, many nonprofits don't know how to manage Boards or Board meetings efficiently and effectively. Check out the advice from a long-time board member Jay Love on 7 Do's and Don'ts: Confessions-of-a-Nonprofit-Board-Member

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Types of Nonprofit Databases to Consider

Nonprofits have to keep track of a lot of information between donors, volunteers, and potential clients. What is the best software to help manage these various constituents? Check out this article from TechSoup to help navigate the decision-making process: Types-of-Databases-for-Managing-Constituents

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Purpose of Board Sub-Committees

One of the best ways to establish an effective Board is to structure sub-committees to take on various tasts in between the larger Board Meetings. Some Boards need more than others and some sub-committees can be standing committees while others are temprorary. Read the following article by Eileen Morgan Johnson to gain a better understanding of what types of committees you should be considering: Board-Committee-Structure

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The Value of a Thanking Donors

Nonprofits often work so hard to get donors to make an initial gift that taking the time to "thank them" later can often become an afterthought. It is also valuable to know that the manner in which you thank them can make a big difference for your future donations. Check out the results of a recent study from the NonProfit Times on thanking donors by phone, card, or not at all. The-Value-of-Thanking-Donors

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5 Ways to Increase Donor Retention

It is widely published that 60% of new donors to a nonprofit don't continue to give the following year. Check out this article by Nick Small on 5 ways you can prevent becoming a part of this statistic. 5-Ways-to-Increase-Donor-Retention

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7 Tips for Successful Fundraising

Fundraising is an art and the skills needed to be successful at it take time to develop. Check out this short article by Marc Koenig with some solid advice on how to make your next "Ask" as beneficial as possible: 7-Tips-on-Asking-for-Donations

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Succession Planning Considerations for Nonprofits

Many nonprofits understand that succession planning is important, but often don’t know where to start or what the process should look like. View the attached document written by Tim Wolfred of Compasspoint Nonprofit Services to gain a better understanding of what kinds of succession planning is needed, first steps to undertake planning, as well as some of the common challenges that should be considered. Building-Leaderful-Organizations-Succession-Planning-for-Nonprofits.pdf

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