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Principles and Practices

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Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice

Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice is a strong guide for private foundations and public charities that aspire to high standards of governance and ethical practice. Board and staff leaders of every charitable organization are encouraged to examine these principles carefully and determine how best they should be applied to their own operations.  MNA has partnered with Indepent Sector in the dissemination of this important document.  View the summary of these 33 Principles and Practices by clicking the link.  33-Principles-for-Good-Governance-and-Ethical-Practice.pdf  To download the full supporting document, visit

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Advocacy and the nonprofits' bottom line

In this article, "Connect the Dots, Then Protect Yourselves and Your Nonprofits", Tim Delaney the President and CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits explores the important relationship between nonprofit advocacy and the financial stability of nonprofit organizations.  This article was originally published in LINKS, MNA's quarterly professional publication.  LINKS is only available to MNA members, so if you find this article useful consider joining MNA to receive this informative publication regularly.  MNA-Links-Spring-2015.Connect-the-Dots.pdf

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Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethical Principals and Standards

Association of Fundraising Professional members, both individual and business, embrace certain values that they strive to uphold in performing their responsibilities for generating philanthropic support: Association-of-Fundraising-Professionals-Code-of-Ethics.pdf

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Sample Fundraising Plan

Sample fundraising and fund development plan: NorthSky-Fundraising-Plan---template.pdf

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Gift Pyramid: A Great Tool for Fundraisers

Gift charts or gift pyramids are a simple tool to demonstrate whether a certain number of prospects making gifts as certain specific levels will achieve our financial goal. Gift charts can test the feasibility of a project, and they can test the adequacy of our fundraising strategies. View this sample directly from the Michigan Nonprofit Management Manual, a comprehensive hands-on guide for nonprofit organizations.  MNA-gift-pyramid-from-management-manual.pdf

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Management Support Organizations (MSO)

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