Advocacy by individuals or organizations can be highly effective in educating government officials, organizing community support, and influencing public policy that can greatly advance causes and missions. This topic area provides resources with information about how nonprofit organizations can advocate and lobby, along with tools and strategies for optimizing your efforts.

Evaluation is imperative for both performance measurement of programs and organizational effectiveness. Outcomes can play a crucial role in decision-making. This topic area provides resources that focus on the importance of program and capacity building evaluation and tools for implementing evaluation in a nonprofit organization.

Financial management is one of the most important practices an organization can be skilled in. An understanding of the basics can help to ensure your organization is fiscally responsible. In this area you can find resources on budgeting, financial reporting, accounting, risk management, and financial sustainability.

Fundraising, for many nonprofits, is often the only way to raise the funds needed to support the programs and the facilities of an organization. Fundraising involves interacting with donors, developing business for your organization, event planning and grantwriting. This topic area provides resources and tools on all these aspects of fundraising.

Governance plays the central role in setting policy, providing oversight in a nonprofit organization, and ultimately in helping to successfully accomplish an organization's mission. You can find resources and tools here that provide insight on board policies and procedures, structures, models, and board/staff relations.

In the nonprofit sector, human resources are one of the most valuable resources. Individuals provide important program and administrative support that sustains organizations. Utilize resources and tools in this topic area to enhance and refine your organization's human resources.

Technology allows nonprofits to work with greater social impact whether it is through increasing their own organizational capacity, enhancing their effectiveness, or reaching new audiences. Resources in this category provide information on developing a client management system for your organization, policies and procedures for information management, online marketing, and technology assessment and planning tools for your organization.

A strong legal and ethical foundation for your nonprofit organization is essential. This topic area provides resources and tools on developing this foundation for your organization, information on what legal compliance you should be following, and information specific to your state.

To ensure that your organization has a strong brand, is recruiting volunteers, and growing its donor base, strong marketing and public relations are essential. This topic area provides resources and tools for developing a marketing and communications plan, developing messaging for your organization, and using the right tools for your organization.

This category provides an overview of both the history of the nonprofit sector and an overview of the functions of the sector.

A collection of resources designed to ensure nonprofit success, despite economic challenges. These resources focus on presenting best practices for increasing organizational efficiency and solidifying support and resources. Topics were taken from the Nonprofit Town Square Forum.

Finding and processing data and statistics for grants and program evaluation can be difficult. This topic area provides resources for finding data you may be able use and information and tools for working and using data when you need it.

Nonprofit management encompasses many aspects including operations, strategic planning, collaboration and strong leadership. Organizational Management is fundamental to creating an environment that supports continuous improvement of individuals and their organizations to better serve their respective communities. Resources and tools in this topic area provide help with planning and other aspects of organizational management, including coaching, capacity building, operations management and organizational assessments.

Volunteers are the heart of many nonprofits and often play a vital role in the capacity and success of an organization. This topic area provides good practices for recruiting, managing, and rewarding some of your most valuable resources. You will also find resources for orientation, training, and roles and responsibilities of board members.