Volunteer Program Management

Benefits of Policies

This article promotes the creation of policy programs for volunteers. It states that policy development and implementation will go a long way to reduce the dangers and risks which currently exist in the field of volunteering.

  • Key Terms: legal considerations, policies, policy, policy development, policy implementation, volunteer management
  • Year: 1997
  • Source: Graff, Linda L.

Better Safe...Risk Management in Volunteer Programs & Community Service

This book gives an overview of the components of effective risk management, including information on negligence, vicarious liability, and statutory obligations. It provides tools to examine and plan improvement of current practices: tips, checklists, sample forms, and strategies.

  • Key Terms: legal considerations, risk management, vicarious liability, volunteer management
  • Year: 2003
  • Source: Graff, Linda L.

FAQs about 'Virtual' Volunteering

This article explains why involving virtual volunteers can benefit an organization because these volunteers still can research topic, design presentations, offer professional advice, etc.

  • Key Terms: cyber service, task of online volunteers, virtual volunteering, online volunteering, volunteer management
  • Year: 2004
  • Source: Idealist.org

Focus on Volunteering: Ready-To-Print Resources for Volunteer Organizations

This book provides printer-ready pages about volunteering; how to work with volunteers, the history of volunteering, and today's trends.  The pages are intended for use as training handouts, bulletin board posters, or newsletter inserts.

Focus on Volunteering: Ready-To-Print Resources for Volunteer Organizations

  • Key Terms: training, trends, volunteer management, staff volunteer relations
  • Year: 1999
  • Source: Ellis, Susan J.

New Value of Volunteer Time

This article provides an updated version of the annual survey depicting the value of volunteer time in the United States.

  • Key Terms: management, time value, volunteer dollar value, volunteer management
  • Year: 2004
  • Source: Independent Sector

From the Top Down: The Executive Role in Volunteer Program Success

This book addresses the top decision-maker's role in a volunteer program. It recognizes the issues necessary to successfully facilitate a volunteer program including: developing a vision for volunteer involvement, addressing questions of policy, budgeting funds and other resources, staffing the volunteer program, assessing the impact of volunteer contributions, and dealing with legal issues,  risk management, and insurance issues.

  • Key Terms: management, policies, policy, volunteer contributions, volunteer management
  • Year: 1996
  • Source: Ellis, Susan J.

Leadership and Management of Volunteer Programs: A Guide for Volunteer Administrators

This book lays out a solid foundation for any volunteer management practitioner or student, based on the "Certification Competencies" developed by the Association for Volunteer Administration. Chapters deal with establishing an organizational climate for volunteers; recruiting volunteers using marketing approaches; and training, supervising, and evaluating volunteers. Many case-study examples are also included.

  • Key Terms: Association for Volunteer Administration, coordinator, management, programs, training, volunteer management
  • Year: 1993
  • Source: Cole, Kathleen M. & Fisher, James C.

Volunteer Handbook: How to Organize and Manage a Successful Organization

This handbook provides ways to effectively plan, train, administer, manage and communicate with volunteers.

  • Key Terms: management, training, volunteer management, volunteer staff communication, volunteer training
  • Year: 1999
  • Source: Battle, Richard

Cost of a Volunteer

This article explores the costs that are associated with running a high quality volunteer program. Organizations invest more time and money in the recruitment, training and retention of volunteers.

  • Key Terms: management, programs, recruitment, retention, training, volunteer management
  • Year: 2003
  • Source: Not known

Planning a Volunteer Position

This article provides a worksheet to help organizations decide what types of volunteers are needed; what specific work needs to be done, who are the direct recipients of the service, and what scheduling considerations are involved.

  • Key Terms: assessment, job descriptions, management, volunteer management, worksheet
  • Year: 2000
  • Source: National CASA Association

Myths About Online Volunteering (Virtual Volunteering)

This article explains first what is virtual volunteering then debunks twelve myths that are associated with online volunteering such as this for of volunteering is for individuals with no time, online volunteering is impersonal, etc.

  • Key Terms: online volunteering,  virtual volunteering, volunteer management, volunteer recruitment
  • Year: 2006
  • Source: Coyote Communications

Virtual Volunteering

This article list what virtual volunteers can be used for such as: tracking legislation, translations, web development, writing, and proofreading just to name a few.

  • Key Terms: online volunteering, virtual volunteering,  volunteer management
  • Source: About.com

Proof Positive: Developing Significant Volunteer Recordkeeping Systems, 21st Century Edition

This book provides a guide to the basic elements of a volunteer recordkeeping system.  It contains sample forms, ideas for documenting activities, and ways to evaluate programs, as well as information to help assess recordkeeping software.

  • Key Terms: coordinator, management, program evaluation, volunteer management, volunteer records
  • Year: 2003
  • Source: Ellis, Susan J. & Noyes Campbell, Katherine H.

Volunteer Expenses

This article outlines best practices in reimbursing volunteer expenses.

  • Key Terms: expenses, management, volunteer deductions, volunteer management, volunteer reimbursement
  • Year: 2003
  • Source: Volunteer Centre Edinburgh

Volunteer Protection Laws vs. Directors' & Officers' Insurance

This article explains the Volunteer Protection Act and conveys the importance of Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance.

  • Key Terms: insurance, legal considerations, management, protection laws, volunteer management, Volunteer Protection Act
  • Year: 2003
  • Source: United Way

Developing and Implementing a Virtual Volunteering Program

This online article outlines some best practices for developing and implementing a virtual volunteering program. Topics covered include: Establishing a Virtual Volunteering Program, Examples of Virtual Volunteering, Making Email Communications More Effective, and Safety in Online Volunteering Programs.

  • Key Terms: effective email, management, marketing, programs, virtual volunteering, volunteer management
  • Year: 2004
  • Source: ServiceLeader.org

Beyond Networking: Nurturing the Volunteer Coordinator

This article describes the importance of mentoring the volunteer coordinator by preparing and assisting them with difficult situations and giving them advice during tough circumstances. NOTE: a paid subscription is needed to view this resource.

  • Key Terms: coordinator, management, mentoring, training, volunteer management
  • Year: 2002
  • Source: Cantu, Esther

Legal Issues Around Volunteering

This article offers FAQs, information sheets, training information and magazine articles dealing with the legal issues that affect volunteers and organizations in the U.K.

  • Key Terms: legal considerations, policies, policy, volunteer contracts, volunteer management, volunteer staff relations
  • Source: Volunteering England

Sample Volunteer Agreements

This article provides sample agreements for organizations to use as a starting point in drafting a volunteer agreement.

  • Key Terms: contracts, legal considerations, sample volunteer agreements, volunteer agreements, volunteer management
  • Year: 2004
  • Source: Volunteering England

Four Steps for Recovering from a Mistake

This article offers four suggestions for recovering from workplace mistakes and blunders.

  • Key Terms: business plan, management, organizational management, workplace mistakes
  • Year: 2002
  • Source: Wallington, Patricia

Volunteer Coordinator's Role

This checklist provides an example of a volunteer coordinator's role. In this example it is specific to a particular church, it can be used as an outline to compose a volunteer coordinator role description specific to other organizations.

  • Key Terms: management, responsibilities, role, volunteer coordinator, volunteer management
  • Source: ELCA Resource Center

Starting a Volunteer Program in an Organization

This article describes the planning involved in starting a volunteer program in an organization.  Every detail is important starting with needs assessment, volunteer position development, recruitment, supervision, evaluation and recognition.

  • Key Terms: management, needs assessment, programs, recruitment, volunteer management, volunteer position
  • Year: 2003
  • Source: Points of Light Foundation

Fact Sheet: Designing Effective Volunteer Positions

This article describes the importance of developing a job description for volunteer that will not only help the organization achieve its goals, but help the volunteer to be placed in a fulfilling position.  This article also provides a volunteer position description worksheet to give the manager an idea of how to create a description

  • Key Terms: job descriptions, management, volunteer management, written communication
  • Source: Points of Light Foundation

Designing Effective Volunteer Positions

This article describes the importance of developing a job description for volunteers that will not only help the organization achieve its goals, but will also place volunteers in fulfilling positions.  This article also provides a volunteer position description worksheet which will give volunteer managers an idea of how to create a description.

  • Key Terms: job description, job placement, management, volunteer descriptions, volunteer management
  • Source: Points of Light Foundation

Volunteer Screening – Part of an Integrated Risk Management Program

This article provides basic information on volunteer screening, a key component in risk management. It offers tips and information on background checks, questions for interviews, and a sample volunteer application and agreement.

  • Key Terms: background checks, interviewing, legal considerations, management, risk management, screening, volunteer management, volunteer screening
  • Year: 2002
  • Source: Points of Light Foundation

Legal Handbook for Nonprofit Corporation Volunteers

This handbook describes the current risk management landscape for nonprofit organizations in relation to volunteers.  It discusses volunteer liability and charitable immunity.

  • Key Terms: legal considerations, risk management, volunteer liability, volunteer management
  • Year: 2007
  • Source: DeWitt, James D.


This software is an online database which provides management of volunteers, opportunities, and organizations. Features include printing reports, collecting statistics, generating mailing labels, sending emails, tracking referrals, tracking placements, and scheduling.

  • Key Terms: online database, software, technology, volunteer management, volunteer software
  • Source: Samaritan Technologies

AVRBC Standards of Practice

This handbook is for use in setting and applying standards of practice for volunteer management. Topics covered include volunteer resources, staff, policies and procedures for volunteer involvement, volunteer assignment design, recruiting volunteers, screening volunteers and more.

  • Key Terms: assignments, coordinator, legal considerations, management, policies, recruiting, screening, volunteer management, volunteer resources
  • Year: 2009
  • Source: Administrators of Volunteer Resources British Columbia

Planning a One-Day Volunteering Event

This article outlines four essential steps in planning a successful volunteering event.

  • Key Terms: community engagement, management, teams, team work, volunteer management
  • Source: Youth Community Service Project

How To Estimate the Economic Contribution of Volunteer Work

This article discusses methods for estimating the economic value of volunteers in terms of dollar value and time value.

  • Key Terms: management, time value, value of volunteer time, volunteer management
  • Year: 1994
  • Source: Ross, David
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